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Select Ag+ Long Hair is a 100% natural, clumping plant pellet made of soyabean protein fibres. Mini Pellet Select Ag+ does not stick to the fur and paws, which prevents it from being carried outside the litter box. It is very light and free of dust. The delicate structure of the pellet is also friendly for cat’s paws. This makes it an ideal bedding for long-haired cats. It clumps perfectly, which makes it easy to keep the litter box clean. Select Ag+ Long Hair has a pleasant, natural, vegetable scent. Pellet Select Ag+ can be removed to the toilet.
It is environmentally friendly and compostable. It is completely biodegradable. Enriched with a unique formula based on gentle aseptic nano silver to neutralise all bacteria and viruses. All odours are eliminated too. The innovative nano silver carrier considerably improves and extends the effect of active silver.


Select Ag+ Long Hair Organic litter is a hygienic bedding for cats. Specially recommended for long-haired cats. Also recommended as bedding for small domestic rodents (chinchillas, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, gerbils).

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