Select Ag+ Sterilized is a litter for sterilised cats.
A combination of naturally pure white bentonite clay and a unique aseptic nano silver formula preventing bacteria, viruses and fungi. The innovative active carrier considerably improves and extends the aseptic effect of nano silver. Thanks to this, the litter tray is always hygienically clean and free from microbes and mould, which is particularly important for sterilised cats. Appropriate litter tray hygiene is essential for a growing cat and other family members. The aseptic properties of nano silver help neutralise odours. The specially selected small fraction makes the litter clump well so it can be easily removed from the litter tray.


The lavender scent of Select Ag+ Sterilized is wonderfully pleasant.

Fraction: compact 0,6-2,25

Available packaging:

8 L

EAN: 5902020577911

126 pcs./pal