Select Ag+ Kitten is an organic litter for young cats
A 100% organic soybean fibre litter. In contact with moisture, the tiny rolls form a soft layer, which is exceptionally gentle to your cat’s sensitive paws. Owing to its natural plant origin, the lightweight and dust-free litter ensures safety of kittens and young cats. Enriched with a unique formula based on gentle aseptic nano silver to neutralise all bacteria and viruses. The innovative nano silver carrier considerably improves and extends the effect of active silver. Your cat’s litter tray will always be hygienically clean and free from microbes and mould. All odours are eliminated too. The litter clumps well, so it can be scooped out easily. Can be flushed down the toilet safely.


Select Ag+ Kitten has a pleasant and natural plant scent.

Fraction: mini pellet 2mm

Available packaging:


EAN: 5902020577904

210 pcs./pal