Bazyl Ag+ Wood Pellet is a 100% natural wood litter made from the compacted sawdust of conifers, enriched with anti-bacterial silver ions.
Nano silver is a highly effective and gentle antibacterial agent. It is a natural and effective antibiotic with antiseptic and disinfectant properties. It also completely neutralizes any unpleasant odours from the litter box.
Bazyl Ag+ Wood Pellet is light and absorbs moisture very well, while the addition of nano silver prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi.
It is completely biodegradable. Bazyl Ag+ Wood Pellet is friendly for young children and allergy sufferers.


Ingredients: 100% natural sawdust
Granule size: 6/10-30 mm



Available packaging:


EAN: 5902020577782

210 pcs./pal